Filters as you drink. Makes tap water taste great.

The POD by nkd AQUA transforms tap water into great tasting water through a clean
and green purification process as you drink. nkd AQUA is slightly alkaline, ionized and
supercharged with the optimal level of natural antioxidants as found in nature.

In The News



  • "Tastes lighter and fresher"

    Mary J - Wigston
  • "I don't normally drink tap water as I can't stand the taste but this POD actually makes it taste quite nice"

    Rob S - Northampton
  • "I particularly like the fact it doesn't leak, and when closing the lid the mouthpiece is also automatically closed"

    Mike P - Corby
  • "Sexy little bottle!!"

    Jo P - London
  • "Really easy to use and very comfortable to hold"

    Raj T - London
  • "It tastes so great and is in such a great looking bottle"

    Mika A - Bedford
  • "I love the POD, I take it with me everywhere"

    Sunny V - Ashby
  • "The POD fits perfectly in a coffee cup holder in the car, and I can use it fully with just one hand"

    Vani S - Leicester